Virtual Breadboard

Virtual Breadboard

/portal/vbb/images/greenTick.png Prototype virtually then Make for real

/portal/vbb/images/greenTick.png Simulate and visualise interactively

/portal/vbb/images/greenTick.png Safely experiment with electronics

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Virtual Breadboard is a development and an emulation environment for embedded applications that use microcontrollers.


Breadboard centric layout enables emulated circuits to physically prototyped and ordered from our FAB


Integrated Development enables hardware and software to be developed side by side.


Built In Examples accelerate learning ship with known working references.


Arduino (Arduino Toolkit) supports converting to and from .ino and the internal java source format used by VBB-STUDIO.


Source Projects enables management of java source code projects featuring

  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Method Hints
  • Context Hints
  • Parameter Suggestions


Source Level Debugger enables sophisticated debugging of java source code.

  • Breakpoints can be set and cleared
  • Single Step, Step-Over, Step-out to follow step code execution path
  • Local Variable debug view
  • Call Stack Debug View
  • Memory Heap Debug View


Instruments including Logic Analyser help visualise circuit signals


ICEShield is an I/O board ideal for connecting virtual circuits with the real world

What's New

April 20, 2014

VBB 4.47 Component Development Kit Sneak Peak

April 19, 2014


April 18, 2014

I give up!! For the last few years I have been trying to enable VBB to run on Mac/Linux. The strategy has been to partition the application so that a subset of VBB is mono compatible. But for an application the size of VBB, Mono just hasn't been working out to say the least. No sooner do I sort of get it to work on Snow Leapard, reports of problems with Lion flow in. No soon I sort of get it working on Lion, reports of problems with Mavericks roll in. To try to convergence the application I tried splitting off the old VBB into VBB-STUDIO but it's clear this has just confused everyone. Even me! So sorry Mac/Linux.. I did my best but I have to let you go..

VBB Express

One of the main reasons I wanted Mac/Linux was to give broader support to a PCB service I am planning. The service uses a PCB 'Making' machine I have been developing that allows me to convert Virtual Breadboard designs directly into PCB's. Well I hit more than a few setbacks building the machine which has taken a couple of years now to put together but I am pleased to announce I have it working! I have stock PCB's on order so in about 2 weeks you will able to start ordering boards. I will be posting much more about this soon but here is a primer on how the VBB Express service will work!


VBB 4.46 Release Notes


VBB 4.45 Release Notes