Virtual Breadboard
Licensing VBB is as easy as 1,2,3

  1. Buy a VBB License with PayPAL
  2. Locate the License Key as the InvoiceID of your PayPAL receipt
  3. Install the License


1. Buy a VBB License with PayPal

License/Feature Jarvis Personal Arduino Toolkit Comms
Arduino .ino emulation unlimited  - -
Access Jarvis KnowledgeBase /images/tick.png  - -
Save Jarvis Function Blocks /images/tick.png  - -
Communications /images/tick.png  - /images/tick.png
Arduino .java emulation - /images/tick.png -
Source Debugger -  /images/tick.png -
Program Arduino directly - /images/tick.png   - -

2. Locate the license Key

The license Key is attached to the PayPAL Receipt as the InvoiceId.


/images/tip.png TIP You can always lookup your license key in your PayPAL account




3. Install the License  

Copy into the VBB-STUDIO MarketPlace and Click Add


The Green Tick is shown when correctly Activated



  • The license enables access to the internet services needed by VBB to function you also need a full time internet connection to use the license.
  • Licenses can be either a lifetime license or an annual subscription.
  • The license is not trasferable, periodically a new license key is issued
  • A license can be used on 3 of your own computers, typically home PC, work PC and laptop
  • You can upgrade your license within the 2 months PayPAL refund period by
    • 1. Purchasing the Upgraded License
    • 2. Requesting a refund for the previous license.