Virtual Components

Virtual Components work with your physical microcontroller via the EDGEY interface. There are no special libraries. Want to try out some new hardware, just spin it up Virtual Breadboard and get coding.

  • LiquidCrystal LiquidCrystal Display via 4bit parallel interface
  • OLED SSD1306 OLED 128x64 via SPI interface
  • NEOPIXELS Neopixels stips and arrays via WS2812 pixel pulse width interface
  • Max 7219 MAX7219 via SPI with up to 8 Segment 7 Displays
  • EPaper EPaper 122x250 via SPI with BSY signals
  • DSO 8mhz logic analyser capture
  • Servo Servo with pulse width controller

Mixed Reality Circuits

With EDGEY your microcontroller can connect to either a virtual component hosted by Virtual Breadboard, a Real Component or both!.

  • If a component is not available in VBB you can use the real component to complete the circuit
  • Use Virtual Components as the test interface to the real component circuits
  • Build hybrid applications using Virtual Components as a user interface
  • Use Virtual Components to reduce the cost of desiging a new circuit

PRO Feature : Automated Testing

Unit Tests are considered best practice but unlike standard unit testing frameworks Virtual Breadboard can reach into the real world to run embedded tests

  • Verify functionality
  • Capture user input state machines as repeatable tests
  • Test exceptions and emergency conditions
  • Boundary scan
  • Test failure modes

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